Yuki is an inspiring and skilled teacher.  She is patient and encouraging, and gives the student a sense of purpose.

She organises a concert for her students twice a year.  Each student plays a piece from his/her own repertoire and is involved in a duet piece either with Yuki or with another student.  This gives valuable performance experience.

Yuki’s own piano playing is of an exceptionally high professional standard.  Everyone gets a chance to listen to Yuki playing a major work at the two concerts each year.  This is a delight which we as parents look forward to very much, and which inspires the students to study further.

Yuki also performs in chamber concerts with a wide range of professional performers at St Mary-at-Finchley Parish Church as part of the concert series at the church.

– Alison Smart


2 thoughts on “References

  1. Yuki taught my daughter to grade 8, and she loved her piano lessons.  The term-end concerts give all the students a chance to perform regularly in a comfortable setting, and also listen or join in with some more complicated repertoire – always followed by a wonderful virtuoso performance by Yuki at the end!


  2. Yuki is an exceptional accompanist, beautiful performer and wonderful teacher. Recently she accompanied a performance of students at the primary school where I teach and also one of my private students’ concerts where I was blown away by her incredible playing of an extremely complicated piece. Consider yourself lucky if you are able to have her as an accompanist, solo performer or teacher


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