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May 11th 2018

May 20th 2018

June 10th 2018

July 8th 2018



Birmingham  Lunchtime Concert

Essex Lunchtime Concert

Methodist Church Evening Concert

Methodist Church Laura Shur Memorial Concert

 July 22nd 2018 Nymphenburg Germany
 Oct 3rd  2018  Brentwood Cathedral
Concerts you have missed
Date Details
March 1st Songs of people and places with Carl Gomblich, Rachel Weston and Alison Fisher

You can listen to this concert on this page: Performances

July 13th Concert with Aumi(melodica), Ryosuke (guitar) , Viola da Cumha (Mezzo) and Yuki (piano)
July 7th, Music, Life, Death and Palliative Care with Viola da Cunha and Susmita Chosh Mitra
24 May Opera area and Musical night at Christ the King in Southgate
May 17 , Concert series at St Marys at Finchley with Arison Fisher ,Rachel Weston and Carl Gomblich
September 8, 2013 Concert series at East Finchley with Viola da Gunha and Jill Anderson
November 6 , 2011 Osedo Unsemble with Tom Krizia and Jill Anderson at St Mary in Finchley
May26, 2011 Opera Area concert  with Rachel Weston and Carl Gomblech
August 3, 2010 Concert series with Rachel Weston and Carl Gomblich





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